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Blue Water

Who Was Thomas Toy 

Thomas was a United States Veteran serving his country in the Korean War. He was the owner and operator of Big Boy Market since 1955 where his hard work was never unnoticed. He was a kind and generous man, always putting everyone’s needs before his. His easy going personality made him be loved by all as he would never set boundaries between him, his customers or his family; everyone was considered an equal in Tom’s eyes. The struggles that he had during his life made him value everything that he would ever accomplish, going on to teach his children the same values and respect they now show upon others. One of his greatest accomplishments was his family he would always look forward to get-togethers and he was his grandchildren’s biggest fan when it came to sports, they always knew “Grandpa” would be cheering them on. He was an avid tennis player spending afternoons enduring an intense match with his toughest opponent wife Edie. Thomas was an all around true family man. His family meant the world to him. 

The Inspiration Behind the Logo

The Thomas Toy Community Center Logo is in commemoration of the Big Boy Market and Big Boy Market Logo where Thomas Toy's hard work, kindness and generosity were a beacon of light for the community.

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