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Statement of Faith

We believe in God, the Father, who creates and sustains us, Jesus Christ, the Son, who redeems and rules us, and the Holy Spirit, who guides us personally and professionally,
through God’s inspired Word, the Bible, our infallible guide for faith and conduct, and through the community of Christians. We believe that our service is an expression of our gratitude to God, and we believe we should serve in a professional manner that brings honor to His name.

Executive Director Position

We are looking for an Executive Director to run our Community Center. The Executive Director will be responsible for the start-up, overall planning and operations of the non-profit organization Thomas Toy Community Center in accordance with the mission and goals outlined by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director will provide leadership, direction and support to the Board of Directors in developing organizational goals, managing facilities & programs, obtaining and allocating resources and establishing operational policies and procedures. If this is something you might be interested in, please fill out the form below so we can follow up with you. Thanks!

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Contact Details

602 E. Yosemite Ave.

Manteca CA 95336

(209) 825-4282

We’re Hiring

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